Viticultores de Barros winery is born in 1983, when a group of expert vine growers from the sub-area of “Tierra de Barros – Land of Clay”, feels the need to unite their forces and knowledge. This is to create a common project on elaborating their own high quality wines.  

   Their addiction to cultivate these lands accompanied by the experience of various generations in the vine growing will be their ally to fulfil their dream.

   The Land and the Winery are the neuralgic cores of the work done.
   The work on the land done by expert hands that look after every detail of the growing so that the grapes are best conditioned for when the time comes to become wine.
   New and modern technology incorporated in the winery in order to adapt to the new era of wine making and the demands of the market.

   Our wines are born out of a great combination of world leading technologies, a unique fertile land, looked after vineyards, intensive care of the vine varieties, the hard work and the commitment of a whole team. Out of all this great puzzle the best of our wines are born and could reach your table.